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Great Leaders are Those Whom Remain Agile

Learn how to identify, counteract, and embrace challenges, opportunities, influential factors, and unforeseen circumstances while remaining agile enough to pivot when necessary - without adversely affecting your objectives.

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Adaptation and AgilityforLeaders

Creating a high performing leadership and organizational culture requires teams across an entire organization to instinctively share lessons learned among themselves, and amongst their teams in a systematic, conducive way - thereby fostering an environment of continuous improvement and accountability.

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What it means to be
Agile and Adaptable

For leaders to trust their peers and subordinates, they all need to be part of a team that functions properly - one that has a clearly defined structure, measurable goals, strategic direction and assigned roles and responsibilities. Debriefing sessions are designed to do just that. Following major projects or milestones, debriefing sessions can help your leaders learn from their successes, as well as their failures - opportunities to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses, and to empower cross-functional leaders and team members to help others in the organization by sharing and learning from these experiential findings.

We Coach, Mentor, and Develop
Agile & Adaptable Leaders

Most leaders find it easy to identify improvement opportunities - due to either marketplace conditions and feedback or because they feel a need to be proactive. Unfortunately, the reality is that without strategy, change is merely substitution - not evolution. Having a great idea, but no strategy to execute such an idea always results in very little progress (if any) to be made. Leaders without the proper coaching and mentoring are highly susceptible to this risk; and once caught in that trap, are often regarded as being irresponsible, less credible, and incapable. For many organizations, preparedness begins at the top and this means that leadership – across all levels and departments – must have absolute clarity in purpose and focus; and must be aligned in strategic philosophy and goals.

The Leadership Agility and Adaptability program introduces the principles and practices of debriefing. At its core, debriefing rests on the fundamental understanding that no task (or series of tasks) has ever been executed perfectly, and therefore becomes a very effective tool to accelerate workforce experience and ensure organizational leaders receive honest feedback to make better decisions, faster.

  • Highlight individual and team successes.
  • Improve team work and collaborative decision making.
  • Improve products, services, and procedures.
  • Capture knowledge of all participating leaders.
  • Turns individual leaders into expert leaders.

An Agile Leadership Team That
Embaces Change

In a single debriefing session, each individual participant, and the entire team as a unit learns about challenges, opportunities, influential factors, and unforeseen circumstances encountered across a broader spectrum of the organization, thereby enabling them to draw from each other’s experiences, collaboratively share ideas and best practices, and adapt to changing market conditions.

  • Clearly communicate and establish expectations.
  • Positively reinforce your team and their commitment to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Foster an environment of continuous improvement by holding yourself, and your team accountable individually and collectively.
  • Conduct productive team- and objective centered discussions.
  • Strive for self-discovery.
  • Develop cohesive and all-inclusive action plans with measurable goals.


As former military aviation squadron commanders and instructors, we have the knowledge and first-hand experience in executing strategies under extremely stressful conditions with precise accuracy and near-zero tolerance for failure. We leverage our experience to coach and mentor corporate teams - enabling them to deliver results on a consistent basis, drive executional excellence and accelerate performance through building alignment, winning mindshare, and growing the capabilities of others.

Corps Group Business Consulting Performance Results Case Study


Result: Exceeded business unit annual sales target with 95%.

We have developed a time-tested, proven system geared towards developing corporate cultures of excellence by leading executives, teams, and even entire organizations through an experiential learning process to adopt and apply practical principles that revolve around the core tenants of focus, discipline, and accountability – the same methodologies that gave us the tactical advantage in real-life combat situations and enabled us to succeed while operating in unforgiving and hostile environments.

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Program Benefits

We will help you achieve that same level of success, maximize the value of your human capital, and enable your greatest resource - your skilled employees - to exercise initiative and produce outstanding results. These are some of a broad set of disciplines your team will be introduced to:

Dominate Business Challanges

Learn the same processes and methodologies fighter pilots and military leaders use to execute missions in the most challenging environments imaginable. Through disciplined planning and preparation, we increase value by helping corporations identify and minimize risk.

Outsmart Your Competitors

Our extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies in training executives and managers, allows us a good sense of the day to day challenges that so many companies face in driving successful execution. We will help you identify execution shortfalls sooner, new opportunities faster, and adapt successfully to changing market conditions.

Drive Top Performance

Develop and coach teams through the process of aligning themselves to a single vision and strategy, and identify and develop leadership skills of strong and savvy business leaders whom are able to influence peer-to-peer and customer engagements, have direction, and are purpose-driven.

Execute with Certainty

Learn how to predict and respond to future outcomes by initiating, formulating, and driving standardized processes and strategies designed to eliminate executional risk and foster an environment of consistency and cohesion by equiping your team with the methodological tools to overcome complex challenges, communicate effectively, hold each other accountable, and embrace and adapt to change.

No matter what size your business and its level of proficiency, we have a solution that will help you achieve peak performance.

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