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About Us

We are the performance acceleration engine behind the world’s most successful companies

We are the Corps Group - a training and consulting company made up of highly decorated US military combat aviation squadron commanders and instructors – our team comprises a carefully selected group of sharp and dynamic individuals focused on helping companies accelerate performance by leveraging our unmatched experience and expertise in strategic alignment and executional excellence.

We have a demonstrated track record in transforming ordinary businesses into extraordinary ones by developing high performing team cultures that generate and maintain superior, measurable results.

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No matter what size your business and its level of proficiency, we have a solution that will help you achieve peak performance.

Corps Group Business Consulting Performance Impact Chart


All the insights, tools, and resources you need to strategically align your leaders, teams, or entire organization towards a common goal.

Align Your Organization


Everything you need to know in order to execute with laser precision, while remaining focused on short- and long term goals.

Execute With Precision


Learn the art of developing a corporate culture of excellence - one that continues to develop a lean and nimble organization.

Develop Cultural Excellence


As former military aviation squadron commanders and instructors, we have the knowledge and first-hand experience in executing strategies under extremely stressful conditions with precise accuracy and near-zero tolerance for failure. We leverage our experience to coach and mentor corporate teams - enabling them to deliver results on a consistent basis, drive executional excellence and accelerate performance through building alignment, winning mindshare, and growing the capabilities of others.

Corps Group Business Consulting Performance Results Case Study


Result: Exceeded business unit annual sales target with 95%.

We have developed a time-tested, proven system geared towards developing corporate cultures of excellence by leading executives, teams, and even entire organizations through an experiential learning process to adopt and apply practical principles that revolve around the core tenants of focus, discipline, and accountability – the same methodologies that gave us the tactical advantage in real-life combat situations and enabled us to succeed while operating in unforgiving and hostile environments.

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